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For 25 years ITALIANA consistently invested in the development and production processes, creating the following basic categories of alcoholic beverages: sparkling wine, vermouth, brandy, bitter, cider, cocktails, special technology berry fruit wine and etc.

Modern control of production processes, competence of employees and many years of experience ensure the high quality of manufactured products, which has already been evaluated by awards from international exhibitions and competitions.

In the region of the Baltic countries, ITALIANA stands out as one of the biggest companies producing sparkling wine. The sparkling wine production is carried out by applying the CHARMAT method, the most prevalent in Western Europe.

Beveland Distillers, a liquor and spirits manufacturer with an experience of 20 years, was born with an international vocation.

Flexibility and dynamism are the two main pillars on which the company works in order to achieve the most knowledge and quick adaptation to the circumstances and peculiarities of the markets in each individual country in general and of the drinks sector in particular.
The company's main philosophy today and in the coming years; work and firm commitment in the pursuit of excellence. Beveland is made up of its values, its products and the people that represent it day in day out.

Located in Kaunas city, the capital of industry and logistics of Lithuania, UAB Kauen Craft brings together a variety of experiences: recipes, traditions and innovations. We are smart craft – science and knowledge-based products meeting the highest quality standards.

We have the most technologically advanced little brewery and distillery in Lithuania.

Kauen Craft has an open space for professionals, where the small brewers of the country create the future heritage of Lithuanian brewing.

With the help of modern analysis methods, which guarantee permanent control during the wine preparation process, we are able to produce wines of the highest quality. In our air conditioned wine cellars, the selected wines are stored until maturity and turned into wines of outstanding quality through the skills and expertise of the cellarmaster. The process is completed with the bottling and labelling of the mature wines. We have an extensive storage area and our own logistics department, guaranteeing European and global deliveries at short notice.
Traditionally, in addition to wines from the Central Mosel region, selected wines from the surrounding regions are also produced and marketed. In doing so, great importance is placed on quality and sustainability.

MESSIAS is based at Mealhada, a small city in central Portugal, in the heart of Bairrada region. Here the company has over 60,000 square meters of plants, and approximately 160 ha of vineyards, of which 70 are dedicated to the production of the famous wines of The Quinta do Valdoeiro (Estate).

At Ferradosa (Douro Valley), Messias owns 200 ha of land being, 110 ha occupied with vineyards for the production of Port Wine and Douro Quinta do Cachão. There are over 5,000 square meters, for wine making, stocking and ageing.

In its own vineyards, MESSIAS continues to test Portuguese grape varieties, and supported by new technologies of vinification, selects which produce unique and quality wines.

The history of Lvivska Brewery, the oldest brewery in modern Ukraine, started in the distant 1715. It is commonly known that back then monasteries played an important role in brewing.
After more than 300 years of its existence, the Lvivske beer became part of the cultural heritage and history of the entire Ukraine, a living symbol of ages and a jewel in Ukraine's crown.

Today Lvivske is the materialization of the ancient recipes implemented using the innovative technology, expertise and experience of the company's personnel. Lvivske's quality has been repeatedly recognized at various contests, yet the brand's biggest award is the kudos of many generations of Ukrainians.

Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe
Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe is a distillery with over 135 years of history. The alcoholic beverages produced here before World War I were known and awarded in Europe, they also made their way to Africa and Asia as well. Today, in the buildings that remember those times, we continue the work of the founders of the Torun distillery and the centuries-old tradition of Polish vodka production – as one of the last producers with domestic capital.

The rich history of our distillery is not just 134 years of tradition in the manufacture of vodka, but also the story of every person who has taken part in the process. It's the hard work of people who have put their hearts and souls into what they do. It's a wonderful story which emanates from the walls of the distillery. Learn more about Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe.

Amber Production Remedia is part of the Amber Beverage Group and was established as the first private equity company after Estonia regained independence. In 1991 Amber Production Remedia obtained the right to produce alcoholic beverages and since then has become the third largest producer of spirits in Estonia.

Amber Production Remedia's assortment includes vodkas, flavored vodkas, gins, natural berry and fruit liqueurs, herbal liqueurs and bitters. The company also makes cream liqueur and natural egg liqueur.
Amber Production Remedia serves off-trade segments with broad national brands. Amber Production Remedia has a highly professional reputation in the business and more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience.

One of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages in the region, uniting the factories Stumbras, Alita, Anykščių Vynas, and Gubernija.

Each of these factories is unique, has many years of experience and a clear specialisation and vision, united by a respect for the heritage of Lithuanian beverages and preservation of traditions. The heritage of the old masters becomes a source of inspiration for creating new products and improving centuries-old recipes.

It is the synergy of four different factories, a common unique centre of production facilities, laboratories, and technologies, and a team full of different skills, knowledge, and ideas that allows the highest level of excellence in the production of beverages.

"DAP" – the company is actively developing, and produces products under widely known and beloved by Ukrainian consumers trade marks.
High-quality raw materials and modern equipment under the guidance of a qualified team of professionals made it possible to bring each production stage to a high level, which is the key to the successful operation of the plant!
Technological lines for the production of gorilka (vodka) and brandy were launched at the modernized production site. A production workshop for souvenir bottling was also organized, in which craft vodka is manually bottled, sealed and decorated.

"Bulgari Winery" Ltd Company was founded in 1870 by immigrants from Bulgaria. The factory is situated in the South of Moldova, in Tvarditsa village, where Ethnic Bulgarians live. "Bulgari Winery" Ltd Company has a full-cycle production process, starting with the processing of the grapes grown on its own plantations, and ending with bottling. The company is growing such varieties of grapes as: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Aligote, Sauvignon, Glera (Prosecco), Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir. The company's vineyards cover about 600 ha. Every year, the company plants grapes on 60-70 ha of land. "Bulgari Winery" Ltd is an ambitious company that specializes in the production of high quality sparkling wines and champagnes based on Italian technology. The equipment used for the grapes processing and winemaking process is made by the Italian companies Velor, SEITAL and PADOVAN. All this is made of stainless steel.

The history of the wine and cognac factory „Zolotoi Aist" starts in spring 1997. That year, the prospects of its development were outlined: production, bottling and sale of alcohol products of its own production.
The production of cognac is a complex and lengthy process, requiring special varieties of grapes, unique equipment and masters that can precisely observe all technological details.

Zolotoi Aist — this is a full-cycle production modern enterprise, starting with the processing of grapes grown on their own plantations and ending with bottling.
Distillation of wine materials for cognac spirits is made using "Arnold Holstein" Swiss modern equipment.

Amber Latvijas balzams
JSC Amber Latvijas balzams is a leading producer of alcohol beverages in the Baltics with a history steeped in tradition since 1900. The company has two production facilities in Riga – a distillery of strong alcohol beverages and sparkling wines and a light alcoholic beverages production plant. AS Amber Latvijas balzams provides work for more than 600 employees.

The quality management system of JSC Amber Latvijas balzams is certified in accordance with ISO standards. Product quality is affirmed by hundreds of awards in various international and domestic competitions and the loyalty of consumers for decades.