Blue Spring Imports, Inc.
Our mission superb simplicity - our mark of quality. We combine cutting edge technology with ancient European traditions of wine making, brewing, and distillation to bring new choices to the American consumer, expanding the accessibility of European artisty.

We partner with 9 of most established producers of fine beverages in Europe, incorporating their tradition of excellence in craft with an equally attentive approach to bottling and label design. Among our buyers are 9 of the largest whole sale beverage chains in the US. Our partnerships uniquely position us to provide unparalleled quality at an affordable price.
Spiritgroup inc.
St. Petersburg Heritage Vodka
ST. Holda - Wine from Germany
Hand-picked harvested grapes, strict selection of berries and soft pressing.

Traditionally, in addition to wines from the Central Mosel region, selected wines from the surrounding regions are also produced and marketed. In doing so, great importance is placed on quality and sustainability.
«Brevity is the soul of wit»
Anton Chekhov
Since 2007 on US market